Color Standard

It is quite often in practice to face a situation when your important color (logo,  brandcolor, etc.) is reproduced with unsatisfactory quality.

Why the printed color doesn’t often correspond to the original?

  • absence of the unequivocal description of color;
  • influence of various factors on reproduction process;
  • subjectivity of color assessment.

If you want to see your colors (brands, logos) looked on all kinds of printed matter equally, it is necessary to apply the Сolor Standard.

Main advantages of applying the Color Standard:

  • objectivity and unambiguity of an assessment of color;
  • presence of all necessary characteristics of color;
  • speed of color quality assessment;
  • possibility of visual and instrument color evaluation;
  • conflicts avoiding between customer and supplier.

The Color Standard allows to cooperate more effectively with suppliers in modern workflows because of containing all necessary information for visual and instrument assessment:

  • it can be made in necessary quantity for all suppliers;
  • it is carried out on a real printing substrate;
  • it contains the full technical specification of color for spectrophotmeter estimation;
  • it has individual tolerance on color difference (delta-E);
  • it can be presented in the electronic version.