Assortment for Ink Formulation

Creating assortments for Ink Formulation system

The advantages of the individual assortment:

  • assortments could be created for
  • it creates with concrete characteristic of printing processes (substrate, viscosity, ink film thickness, etc)
  • it lets you to prepare Press Ready Inks for effecient ColorMatching with the help of Ink formulation software, spectrophotometer, balance and proofer
  • it helps to minimize press set-up time and waste of substrate
  • in pressroom ColorMatching will be done with less efforts due to accuracy of recipe
  • assortment splits up ink components in accordance to Ink Mixing Station
  • it lets to utilize Ink Leftover and thus to mininze inks on stock
  • if needed it is possible to use Opaque White into an assortment
  • it is possible to create Assortment on Metallize substrate for Sphere spectrophotometer (Measuremt Geometry d/8)