Color Quality Control in Pressroom

Color Matching of Pantone Colors

  • Basic Parameters of Pantone Colors
  • Color System L*a*b*, L*C*h*, Color Difference Delta E*/76/CMC/2000
  • BestMatch function for Color control
  • Filters in Spectrophotometer. Polarization Filter and its using on practice
  • Ink film thickness. Masstone effect

Achievment of Color stability for repeatng orders

  • Elements of Color Control Stripe
  • Densitometrical paramenters for Quality Control: Density, Dot Gain, Trapping. Densitometer limitations.
  • Comparison of  OK Sheet and Production prints
  • Factors which affect on Dot Gain (TVI). Tonal reproductions control in printing process
  • ISO standards series 12 647 for CMYK process

How to match Digital Proof

  • Digital Proofing principles. Accuracy of the Color Simulation on Proof. Requrement of ISO 12 647-7
  • Testchart for ICC profile generation. Checklist for the printed testchart. Correlation between testchart and production prints
  • Visual assessment of Digital Proof and Production Prints. Metamerism effect. Standard Illuminant D50
  • Arbitration of Color Quality of the printed production. How to find the reason which leads to difference between Digital Proof and Production Prints