Press profiling

ICC profile allows to resolve the following important tasks:

  • Contract Digital Proof;
  • Softproof
  • Color convertion from one printing process to the other: offset — flexo, flexo — gravure,  etc.
  • Color convertion from one printing press to the other
  • To manage limitations TAC/TIL

LLC ColorConsult provides the service to creation and implementation profile for the main printing processes:

  • Flexograhpy
  • Offset
  • RotoGravure

Also customer is provided with the relevant infrmation:

  • PDF file with Test-Forme for the certain printing Press
  • Check-ist for Color Values and Tolerances
  • Dot Gain Compensation curves
  • ICC-profile with parameters according to certain Press
  • Profile Quality Сontrol
  • Arbitration procedure tor Color Matching